Walk In The Way of Love

flowerCreative Workshops Cultivating Empathy, Compassion, and Forgiveness

When you share your gifts of love, your soul feeds the world. By mending your body, mind and spirit through heart-centered dialogue, writing, movement, and mindfulness, you expand the light, peace, and love of your true nature.

Contact Information
Please contact me for fees, guidelines, and to discuss co-designing a spiritually meaningful workshop or retreat for your group.

Beth Hemmila
Reno, Nevada

Workshop & Retreat Themes
Here is a list of suggested themes for your workshop or retreat. Possible activities include a mixture of writing, small and large group discussions, body movement, meditation, creative projects, and singing. All themes can be tailored to fit your specific group.

  • Widen Your Circle of Forgiveness
  • Grieve & Let Go of the Past
  • Mend Your Body
  • Mend Your Mind
  • Mend Your Spirit
  • Mend Your Love
  • Mend Your Creativity
  • Cultivate Trust During Uncertainty
  • Honor Your Feelings and Needs
  • Act on Your Dreams
  • Grow Loving Relationships
  • Express Your True Self
  • Access Your Inner Vision & Imagination
  • Create Deeper Spiritual Connections

What People Are Saying
Our women’s group lost our retreat leader less than one month before the reserved weekend. Beth and I talked over a few ideas and she ran with them. She was creative, fun, and made the retreat what many agreed “the best retreat ever!” We will definitely use her again, and I highly recommend her.
– The Rev. Judith Bither

Beth is a thoughtful and sensitive facilitator who is always thoroughly prepared but remains open and flexible.  This a makes her an exceptional group leader – she pays attention to the group’s needs as well as providing the direction and background information necessary for a focused  discussion – one that stays on track.  A rare talent!
– Barbara Drake, M.S.W.

Beth is an excellent facilitator, it is obvious she puts a lot of thought and planning into the material she presents.  She is receptive to all questions and comments posed by the participants and her responses are insightful and well thought out.  She is open to all opinions expressed and does not judge what others say.  She makes sure she answers questions thoroughly and often uses personal examples to help explain what she is saying.  She fosters a positive environment and makes sure everyone feels included in the discussion.  She is reliable and goes beyond what she promises to present.  I would not hesitate to use her to facilitate a training session or retreat.
– Donna Quante, First United Methodist Church of Reno

I appreciated so very much your caring concern with every individual at the when we discussed very personal issues. I felt, as I believe all of us did, very well taken care of during the workshops. You were there to make suggestions and encourage us all to see our “issues” and ways of dealing with emotions and little hangups in our lives.  I believe we realized the value of rethinking events which have taken place during our lives, as well as preparing for our futures.
– Mary Ann

I attended a workshop in summer 2012 in which Beth helped to facilitate an exercise from her book Lemonade Mantras. She was very articulate and patient in guiding the group through the process, helping us to work through particular obstacles that arose. There was one story that came up involving an uncomfortable confrontation that one of the women had had recently; Beth made her feel completely validated about her feelings and helped her discover a suitable resolution for handling it. I so admire Beth’s ability to make her audience feel like opening up to the subject under discussion; she is never argumentative or combative, giving us a whole new perspective on the mundane confrontations we all experience.
– Deborah