Lemonade Mantras

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What is Lemonade Mantras?

Lemonade Mantras is…

Finding enlightenment in the comfort of your own home with pen, paper, and the little things that drive you crazy.

Flipping the storyline in your head and seeing the one in your heart.

Your backdoor to positive thinking.


Essentially the book Lemonade Mantras is a journey of self-acceptance where you will discover how to transform moments of suffering and bitterness into your sweetest blessings. Through Lemonade Mantras you will build a solid practice of self-awareness that will transform your actions and reactions by:

  • Developing a strong inner dialogue
  • Learning to identify feelings and needs
  • Discovering hidden beliefs that sabotage your life
  • Taking responsibility for personal outcomes
  • Reconnecting with your power to act
  • Rewriting your internal script through positive thinking

I truly believe that when your heart and mind work together to transform bitter moments into sweet possibilities, you create more happiness in your life and more peace in the world. By engaging in Lemonade Mantras, a powerful 10-step process of self-acceptance, you will change your negative beliefs into a personal recipe for wholeness and become a more loving communicator, creator, and peacemaker in all your relationships.

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