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Be Forgiveness

Be Forgiveness small 2Cultivate kindness, compassion, and empathy by learning how to forgive everyone, everything, every day. Click on the link below to download the FREE PDF file for the ebook Be Forgiveness.

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Don’t have a lot of time, download a 5 Minute Forgiveness Worksheet.

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Love, Mindfulness & Food

love food eating consciously mindful dietReady to kick the habit of using food to fulfill a emotional need for love and affection?

Love, Mindfulness & Food explores a simple method for connecting with eating habits that are troublesome and part of a larger self-destructive storyline of guilt or shame. By using the Conscious Eating Worksheet included in this book, you will create a more balanced relationship with food and a more loving connection with your soul.

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Lemonade Mantras

This work is incredibly important to me, so I am offering the Lemonade Mantras process for FREE. Click on the links below to download PDF files for the book and companion journal and start your journey of self-discovery today!

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lemonade mantra journal front fixed

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Divorce Care Package

heal divorce breakup relationship love separation

The word “divorce” means to separate. Looking deeper, you will discover that the origin of “divorce” is related to the Latin word divertere (to divert).

Where before you focused your energy within the boundaries of a love relationship, perhaps your breakup, separation, or divorce symbolizes your desire to move energy outward. Divorce may be your way of becoming more interconnected with the whole of life.

The Divorce Care Package offers ideas for healing after the end of a love relationship and emotional tools that may help you rebuild your life.

Download the Divorce Care Package for FREE by clicking here.

For more tips for dealing with a breakup or divorce, visit my blog Breakup Care Package.

Note: This ebook is meant for all people who wish to heal after the loss of relationship, no matter if it was a breakup, legal separation, or perhaps even death.


 The Happiness List: Things that Make you Lighter

Click here to download a list of 100 ways to make your life happier.

happiness list 100 ideas happy


Mind Tricks
The Buddha taught that the root of all suffering is in your thinking. Not surprisingly, Yoda from Star Wars applied this same logic when training Jedi warriors to master their mind. Use the Mind Tricks worksheet, 5 simple questions based on Yoda’s teaching, to quickly work through intense feelings of hurt and anger so as to uncover the real fear that resides beneath your suffering. If done with deliberate intent and an open heart, Mind Tricks can rapidly transform powerful feelings of hate and self-loathing in a matter of minutes.

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Guerrilla Peacemaker
Sometimes an event in your life stimulates such an intense physical or emotional response in your body that a quick and easy strategy is necessary to prevent unhealthy reactions. Like a guerrilla force you need to make yourself small and adaptable to move through the experience without being big and reactive where you may cause harm to yourself or others. Use the Guerrilla Peacemaker worksheet to turn your reactive thinking and behavior into something positive.

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Empathy for Others
Do you have a person in your life that is routinely critical of you, themselves, and other people? This worksheet is a great way to learn empathy and compassion for one of your most challenging relationships.

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